Worth Split & Key Rings

The finest wire products in the world.


Key RingsWorth Key Rings and Split Rings are the standard of the industry, and are used by manufacturers around the world. Our rings are used in the automotive industry, aerospace, and defense equipment, as well as in the fishing industry.

Made in the USA, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Stevens Point, Wisconsin is the industry's largest and most sophisticated. With complete in-house production facilities, we are able to perform all facets of the manufacturing process.

When choosing the right ring for your application, note that Key Rings and Split Rings differ only in size, with the term “Key Rings” being the larger of the two families.

Our “Standard Rings” are made from a larger wire gauge than the “Fine Rings”, which makes them stronger. Fine gauge rings are easier to assemble because of the thinner wire diameter. Our rings can be made from steel (which is then nickel or zinc plated), polished brass, or stainless steel.

Worth also offers oval split rings, which are 50% stronger than similar fine round rings. The unique oval design is self-centering to keep the “split” at the side. Worth’s Heavy Weight Rings are made from a larger wire gauge than our Standard Rings. These rings are ideal for applications where strength is the main concern.