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Assembly Machines

Key Ring Assembly MachineKey Ring Assembly Machine
The Worth Key Ring Assembly Machine provides a semi-automated solution for the assembly of parts to our lightweight line of key rings. The machine eliminates the repetitive wrist rotation required by manual assembly of key rings, which can be a contributing factor to wrist fatigue and carpel tunnel issues.

The cycle time is approximately 2 seconds per piece. With loading and unloading it allows for assembly of approximately 20 pieces per minute. The machine feeds rings from a vibratory feeder to an assembly station. The parts to be assembled (key fobs, tags, other rings, etc.) are hand placed on a custom fixture. When the machine is cycled, the key ring is opened and rotated onto the assembly items.

The Worth Key Ring Assembly Machine can be built to accommodate Worth Lightweight key rings size three and larger. The Worth Key Ring Assembly Machine requires 110-volt power and 90 psi air supply.

Weight: 195 lbs.
Width: 22"  
Depth: 21"   Height: 17
Cost - Key Ring Assembly Machine with feeder: $14,137.25
Cost - Key Ring Assembly Machine without feeder: $9,860.50


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